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How can I place an online order for a logo design?

To place an order online, simply fill out a brief and simple form with
your requirements. Then, after entering your payment information, make an electronic payment. Your order will be sent out right away. We can also have a telephonic talk if necessary. The final deliverables will be emailed to you.

Is there any risk in obtaining a logo online?

It is completely risk-free to order your Logo Design from us. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee in the extremely unlikely event that you do not like the Logo Design we produce for you. Your money would be returned to you in its entirety, with no deductions. The corporate information we gather from you to develop a profile for the design process is kept totally secret when you order your Logo Design with us.

Is it possible to update my old logo design?

Yes, you can work on an old logo design to give it a new, more appropriate style and feel. We would create numerous Logo design alternatives for you to choose from based on your existing Logo, your instructions, and the new image you wish to present.

What about my logo design's copyright?

Once you have placed an order for a Logo design with us and paid in full, you are the legal outright copyright owner of the final design, and we have no claim to it; with your consent, we will add it to our portfolio. If you exercise your right to a refund, however, the copyright will immediately transfer to us and you will lose it.

Which package is the most appropriate for me?

The [package name] is recommended since it includes a logo, business cards, letterhead, and stationery design. Please contact our senior consultant to explore your needs and receive a tailored package.

What formats will my files be sent in?

We want you to be able to make the best use of your designs, so we’ll send them to you in a variety of formats, including:

Vector (EPS)

We’ll be happy to assist you if you require it in a format not stated above. Simply inquire.

What if the Logo Design I receive isn't to my liking?

We will do our best to work on your logo design until you are completely satisfied, which is why we offer unlimited revisions, depending on the plan you choose. There’s a good chance you’ll find a logo design that’s perfect for your business. Normally, none of our customers experience this, however, in the unlikely event that you do not like your Logo for any reason, we give a complete refund.

Is it possible to buy the logos in your portfolio?

No, I’m afraid not. All artwork provided as logo design samples in our website portfolio is the intellectual property, copyright, or trademark of the client for whom it was developed unless otherwise stated. However, we may utilize it as a starting point for creating a new, unique logo that meets your requirements.

Will you keep me informed about the status of my website?

Yes, all of the time. Our round-the-clock support ensures that you are kept up to date on the progress of your website, takes input, and ensures 100 percent compliance to ensure seamless project completion. To make it easier for you to interact with us, any adjustments you may require can be expressed via phone call or email.

How many updates to my site can I make without incurring additional costs?

The price of your web design and development service will vary depending on the package you choose. We offer infinite revision choices after a minimum of two revisions, depending on the complexity of the project and the client’s requirements.

Why do I require a unique design? Is it okay if I use a template website?

We don’t encourage using templates in general. Because we feel that each customer and project need personalized attention, we encourage you to select a bespoke solution for your brand. If you have a tight deadline, look through our portfolio for ideas, and we’ll create a website that meets your needs.

What types of technologies do you know?

We are experts in XHTML, CSS, and Flash, but we also know JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal, to name a few. Although it’s rare, if there’s something we can’t achieve, we can enlist the help of our network of partners (at no additional cost to you).

What is the best way to keep my website's material up to date?

Our web design and development services include a Content Management System (CMS) that allows our customers to easily manage their website content. In addition, we will provide you with an online tour of the system. You can also hire us to keep your website updated for a little cost.

Is it possible to pay for my website design and development service in installments?

For small projects, 50% of the anticipated fee must be paid before work begins, with the remaining amount required after the project is completed. An initial payment of one-third of the expected total charge is required for larger projects. The second payment is due at the midway mark, and the final third is due when the project is completed.

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