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Desktop Application Development

Searching for a work area application improvement organization? We can deal with the tasks of various intricacy: from low-level programming improvement to creating UIs with .NET, Objective C, and Qt.

Desktop Application

Elisol Desktop Application Services

Desktop application development is aimed at building desktop software for Mac, Windows, and Linux or upgrading existing desktop apps with new functionality. A company with 4 years in IT, Elisol offers professional desktop application development services using C++/Qt.NET, and Python.

Our Desktop App Development Teams

C++ Department

  • C/C++ developers proficient in Qt.
  • Most of our developers have 7+ years of experience.
  • 100+ successfully delivered projects.

.NET Department

  • C#/C++ developers and 7 architects experienced in .NET.
  • 50% of developers have MCTS and MCPD certifications.
  • 120+ successfully delivered projects.

Python Department

  • 25+ Python programmers.
  • Use of Elisol’s 4 years of expertise in data science and analytics.
  • 40+ successfully delivered projects.

Know Your Industry

Banking and financial services
Education and training
Oil and gas
Transportation and logistics

Types of Desktop Apps We Develop

enterprise resource

Enterprise Resource/Process Management Software

  • Operations management software (ERP, inventory management, etc.)
  • PLM, SCM
  • BI and data visualization apps
employee productivity

Employee productivity software

  • Teleconferencing and VoIP software
  • Time-tracking apps
  • Virtual office software
financial soft

Financial software

  • Billing software
  • Invoicing software
  • General ledger software
  • Trading and stock analysis software
industrial automation

Industrial Automation

  • HMI software
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software
  • Automated visual inspection (AVI) software
healthcare soft

Health Software

  • Medical image and lab software
  • Medical device software
  • Hospital inventory management
  • Telemedicine software

Emergency & Security

  • Video surveillance software
  • VPN software
  • Backup software
  • Data loss prevention software
  • Antivirus software


Technologies We Employ in Desktop App Development

Programming languages

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